Support capacity
Delivery Guarantee

1. Quzhou City is the center and it is within 2 hours of Hangzhou and 3 hours of Shanghai economic circle, and within 2 hours from the surrounding cities of the four provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang, and Zhejiang. The regional advantages are obvious, and the entry and exit of various materials such as raw materials and finished products and the exchange of personnel are extremely convenient.
2. Shanshan has established a number of manufacturing companies and a research institute in Shanghai, Ningbo, Changsha, Zhangzhou, Dongguan, Langfang, Ningxia and Zhangzhou, and has become a lithium-ion battery cathode, anode and electrolyte lithium battery materials supplier.
3. The Shanshan new energy business comprehensively covers southern China, northern China, eastern China, southwest and northwest regions, and many branch companies such as Shanshan Shanshan, Dongguan Shanshan and Changsha Shanshan guarantee the market response speed.

Quality Guarantee

The implementation of the whole process of quality management to ensure the efficient operation of quality management system; continue to strengthen the production site 6s control, to achieve stable production line. Concerned about the production line production and changes in indicators, so that the overall controllable, dynamic management.