Electrolyte plate held "The first spring action" swearing

At 9:00 on March 12th, the first Spring Thunder operation with the theme of "Technology pioneer, grab orders, and quality assurance" was held in Shanshan, Ganzhou. First of all, Mr. Guo Li, the general manager, took the stage to address him. He stressed that: 18 years is the year for us to open up the electrolyte plate and it is a crucial year. The electrolyte workshop has been successfully driven and entered the production stage. During the Spring Thunder operation, it is necessary to take the technology as a pioneer and keep up with the pace of the market to complete the sales target. Second, we must pay close attention to the project construction and complete the lithium salt workshop production and R&D building as soon as possible. Wait for the goal. In today's increasingly competitive market environment, we can only take a dominant position in market competition by continuously improving R&D technical strength, product quality, and team building. In 18 years, we hope that everyone will constrain themselves, spur oneself, elevate oneself, and challenge oneself with "fighting, tenacity, speed, and introspection." Based on a new starting point and create a new situation.

         Followed by the center responsible person, employee representatives, in turn took the floor to speak and express determination. Then, under the leadership of the general manager, we solemnly pledged. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the leading group headed by Guo Zong, with the efforts of all staff, the electrolyte plate will certainly achieve extraordinary results in 2018.